Skippy from Time/Place Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.About Skippy

Skippy is the founder of Time/Place Photography and enjoys writing about himself in the third person.  Not really.  About the third person thingy that is.

I am perpetually in the groove of creating things and sounding out new projects.  I haven’t been bored in years and always have some sort of photography, video, writing or website project to be working on.

When avoiding those projects I like to fill my life with sunshine and fresh air, reading books, trail running, cats, good friends, listening to music and riding my bike.

When it comes to wedding photography I know the need for the traditional photographs but I also love working with couples that want to delve into the unconventional. Photographs that reveal the uniqueness of your romantic and playful sides.  Photography that could only be about the two of you.

I look to create and powerful staged scenes where everything is planned out.  On the other hand I’m also constantly aware and looking for the unplanned moments.  The best photographs of people are the ones in which they are being themselves.

Every wedding is different and my ultimate desire is to present wedding photography to you that can only belong to you.  ‘Cause lets face it, after the wedding all you have left is each other, a dress you can’t wear rock climbing and the photographs.

I am very serious about what I do.  I am not too serious about how I do it.